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Twerking, radiation, JumpCamp updates and more breaking news

Project Stuey

Over the years at JumpCamp we have had some awesome campers come and go. We've made friends with many of these shred dogs and had some great times with them. We're going to start doing JumpCamper bios on some of these guys and we're starting with our main man Stuey. An avid outdoorsman and a true shredder, Stuart a.k.a. "Stuntman Stuey" always brings his A-game. He's been coming to JumpCamp for years and we've seen him grow from a four footer who liked to put stickers on the base of his board and build fires around camp, to a 6 footer who likes to build fires around camp. Half the time he doesn't even snowboard but he sure knows how to have fun. Thanks to campers like Stuart for making JumpCamp rad! Stay tuned for more indepth camper biographies.



As always we must thank our amazing sponsors. Without them we would be shredding in potato sack pants with plastic bags over our shoes. Support these companies that support snowboarding. 

Sign up for a JumpCamp session today, or sign your kid, your cousin or dad up or go like us on facebook or just yell JumpCamp when you're in a large crowd of people. See you on the hill!

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DOPAMINE - 16MM HD Snowboard Film by Absinthe Films

Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that controls movement and reward. At the core of progressive snowboarding, it is movement and reward that provide a natural motivation for riders like Bode Merrill, Victor De Le Rue and Brandon Cocard to evolve and innovate. These explorers of mountain and mental landscapes led the charge this year, changing the definition of what can be done on a snowboard and changing the guard. From the Yukon, Valhallas, Monashees, Dolomites, and Pyrenees the Absinthe crew proves dopamine is free, but you have to get out there to earn it..!

Featuring Victor De Le Rue, Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Jason Robinson, Manuel Diaz, Blair Habenicht, Cale Zima, Nils Arvidsson, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Rusty Ockenden, Mathieu Crepel, Danny Kass, Mat Schär, Sylvain Bourbousson, Forrest Shearer, and Scot Brown.

Prize giveaways by our rad sponsors: Ski Tak Hut, Forbidden Snowboards, Adanac Union, RSDK, PlayNTrade, Epic Board Skins, Onethirtythree Boardshop, Boardwalk Boardshop, CV Boxing Club, JumpCamp, Blue Toque Sports Swap

Get pumped on the opening weekend of shredding and the start of another wicked season with Absinthe's Dopamine.

Bring your buddies, your kids and grandma to soak up some insane HD shredding on the big screen! Tickets: $10 All Ages

Purchase advanced tickets at Blue Touque Sports Swap, 120B 5th st. Courtenay and at the door ( if not sold out ).

For more info call Blue Touque (250) 871-0302

See ya at the show!

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Check out our local spot; Forbidden Plateau in the new SBC! "LIFTLESS: GHOST RESORTS IN CANADA"

Jon Versteeg with a creative line on the old lift wheel. photo by John Scarth

"Liftless: Ghost resorts in Canada." Cool article, nice work dudes. Forbidden is apparently one of 29 abandoned resorts in B.C. Also from the fine folks at SBC is "Glimpse", a shred film that's got a  solid Island part with killer action on our little hill; Forbidden Plateau! The V.I. part starts at 09.25 http://www.snowboardcanada.com/glimpse 

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Let's clean up this joint!

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MAY 2013

Check out Dave's shred blog about JumpCamp. Thanks mang!

JumpCamp in Latest Episode of Absolute Underground TV

Thanks to our bros at Absolute Underground for including us in the latest episode of AUTV! The JumpCamp part starts at around the 21 minute mark but the whole episode is killer and worth watching!

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March 13

JumpCamp Breaking News and Latest Shred Headlines

photo by Chelsea Rae

The first "Wild In The Woods" contest on Forbidden Plateau rocked! The sesh was killer with all the contestants pumping each other up and shredding hard.
Thanks to all the JumpCamp coaches, sponsors and everyone that came out.

Revelstoke Road Trip


As you all know, we love holiday road so we spun a globe, put a finger on it and the location was Revelstoke! Actually we heard they had fresh snow so we went there. Thanks to Sarah Windsor and all the staff at Revelstoke Mountain Resort for the hookups and all their hospitality.                                 www.revelstokemountainresort.com


Check out the new skin that Keith at Epic Board Skins made for my truck. It's so sick!  The only thing is now I have to refrain from doing weird things in my truck because it's way more recognizable. Get ahold of Keith if you need any signage for your truck, car, business, board or whatever you've got. Thanks a lot bro.



Our main man and JumpCamp coach; Myles Delange had fun at the afterdark up Mount Washedup. He smashed his nose on a double cork then went up again and smashed his other nose! What a warrior!


There are only 3 JumpCamp dates left for this year so get those registrations in to secure your spot.

JumpCamp 2013 Dates:

March 23, 24

March 30, 31

April 6 JumpCamp Jam

Camper bro Jason Bella Coola gettin' down in the rail zone.

See ya on the slopes!

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FEB 2013

JumpCamp presents... "Wild In The Woods"

18 and under category & 19 and over category in both girls and boys will battle for Forbidden supremacy! The comp will be a jam format deal in the private JumpCamp park. Shred dogs will session the park with everybody and the shralps with the best tricks win. There will also be contests within the contest like best trick on the log jam, the gap, the can and the trench booter. Other favourites will be the best wipeout, highest air and the new JumpCamp long jump.
Tunes, jumps, jibs, bbq, snow golf and maybe even fireworks!
Also free demo boards from Forbidden Snowboards to test out. Tons of prizes for everybody from our sponsors!!

Come ride the JumpCamp park with yours pals and see what everyone's talkin' about! "Wild In The Woods" spectators are welcome and highly encouraged to come and cheer on their friends!

What? JumpCamp's "Wild In The Woods"
When? Sat. Feb. 23, 10am - 3:30pm
Where? Forbidden Plateau, Courtenay
How much? $20
What you get: Shred the JumpCamp park with your friends, bbq, win rad stuff and go home pumped!

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January 2013

JumpCamp's Back

Like a hibernating bear that has just woken up, JumpCamp is back and hungrier than ever!

Coach Olaf Larsen gettin' er done!

Forbidden Plateau Snow Report

Forbidden is buried in about 8 feet of snow and this year's sessions are coming up fast! We've been busy pimpin' out our many secret locations and testing them for safety reasons. This year we have our main park as always with booters, gaps, pole jams, log jams, hips, butter boxes and other funny sounding things but we also have another spot that we've discovered and I guarantee that the campers are going to love it. 

Blueberry Jam is Back! - Feb 2nd, 3rd - Mount Cain

Mount Cain's Second Annual Snowboarding Event

Boardercross down Blueberry and Big Air on the Face (conditions permitting).

Registration at 9am in the lodge. $5 entrance fee. All ages.

This year's proceeds are going to Beyond Boarding (www.beyondboarding.org)

Proudly Sponsored by: JumpCamp

JumpCamp will be there again to cleanup.

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Jan 2013

Day at Jump Camp - Dave Prothero Photography

Check out this rad collection of JumpCamp pics from our bro Dave Prothero !

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Oct 2012

Annual Swap Meet

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June 2012

Who Da Hell presents Strictly Business Skateboard Competition

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April 2012

SteakKnives Films presents.. A JumpCamp Party!

"So, I had three or four little JumpCamp vids edited that were each about 90 seconds long. I woke up one morning and had an epiphany; I should put them together and make a six minuter! Total genius, I know."

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Feb / March 2012

JumpCamp interview in Absolute Underground magazine!

At JumpCamp we are big fans of punkrock, hardcore and metal and the people that support the scene. Well, you don't get much better of a supporter and ambassador of punk than our buddy Ira at Absolute Underground. He did a killer interview with us in issue #44 and his crew also came out to JumpCamp to shred and film for Absolute Underground TV. Keep your peepers peeled back for the latest episode!

Underground Magazine
Underground Magazine

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February 2012

Mount Cain's First Annual Snowboard Event!

Boardercross on Blueberry at 10am. Slopestyle on Tobago at 1:30pm.

Ages 12 and up. Helmets mandatory. Registration at 9am in the lodge. $5 entry fee. Proceeds to ski patrol.

Proudly sponsored by JumpCamp, Vancouver Island's Premier Snowboard Camp.

BlueBerry jam 2012


"I got 1st in five races. I beat all my smacktalkin' bros, a dude in hipwaders
and a white guy with dreads because of my Morning Wood! It's so solid,
stable and fast!" ~ Patrick Kitto

Check out Kitto's "Morning Wood" in gory detail at ForbiddenSnowboards.com
Thanks to Nahum Gazell for putting on the event.

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January 2012

Forbidden Plateau gets cover of Snowboard Canada Magazine!

    Well, we sure had a sweet surprise when the latest Snowboard Canada magazine came out. We knew there was an eight-page article about Vancouver Island in the "Road Trip Issue" but we didn't know our favourite jump would be on the cover.

Forbidden Plateau on the cover of SBC. Hahaha... Awesome! Joel Loverin photo by Mark Gribbon.

Last February the JumpCamp crew was part of a Snowboard Canada article that took photographer Mark Gribbon, writer Feet Banks and pro shreds Dan Stubbs, Trevan Salmon, Britt Davis and Joel Loverin on a tour of the Island through some of the deepest snow ever.
"We were extra stoked when we found out," said JumpCamp coach Patrick Kitto. "They look through thousands of photos to choose the cover shot and ol' Forbidden won the big prize." Snowboard Canada is the most widely distributed snowboard publication in Canada and the "Storm the Island" article covers all the Island shred spots from Woss to Port Alberni. Go pick up your copy of Snowboard Canada on newstands now.

Check out more radness from the trip on Mark Gribbon's site:

Sick shot of Joel Loverin on JumpCamp's favourite bootski. Photo by Mark Gribbon. Check out the ghosts in the snow, Forbidden is haunted.

Thanks to Mark Gribbon, Feet Banks and everyone at SBC.

New year, new park!

JumpCamp lunch. Photo by Kelsey Nielsen.

This year we've got some crazy new stuff happening in our private park. Pole jams, hitching posts, pillow lines, rhythm sections and I think there might even be an old tire. Sign up today to secure your spot in this year's JumpCamp.

See ya on the slopes!
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November 2011 - Forbidden Snowboards Launches

Transworld Snowboard News

Olaf Larson. Photo: Gordon Ross

Swell Source is pleased to announce the launch of Forbidden Snowboards, a Vancouver Island based core snowboard company. “We just wanted to start something different. We know what’s missing in snowboarding right now, and Forbidden will fill that niche. We’ll be offering ultra premium, limited edition boards mainly available to Island riders”. said Patrick Kitto, Forbidden Co-Founder and owner of Jump Camp, Vancouver Island’s premier snowboard camp.

Forbidden Snowboards is fearless in their approach to maintaining integrity and quality through the team, friends, designers, manufacturers and products. Their limited edition boards reflect the passion they have for snow and are aimed at all snowboarders, from the bros doing powder turns in the trees to the upside down shreds in the park. Utilizing both combined cambers and camrock cambers in their innovative boards, this year’s lineup is focused on quality over quantity. This means a limited run of 25 boards per model/size of some of most technical snowboards on the market. Each of the unique hand crafted boards will be marked with it’s unique model number which can be tracked.

Forbidden Snowboards is dedicated to working with brilliant local artists to create original and unconventional graphics and a team of riders, designers and manufacturers to research, test and build a product that they are proud of and ultimately, that works. As Kitto says, “it’s just snowboarding”.

Forbidden Snowboards will be available Jan 1 from select core retailers, however with limited edition run they are urging riders to place their order online at www.forbiddensnowboards.com before they sell out.

Based in the Comox Valley, Forbidden knows the value of staying true to your roots.

Our Namesake:
When the Comox people faced raids from other coastal tribes, they took their women and children to what we now know as Forbidden Plateau for safekeeping. Once, during a raid by the Cowichan, the women and children vanished without a trace. When a member of the tribe went looking for the women and children within the Forbidden Plateau, he found red lichen covering the snow and nearby rocks and assumed the lichen to be blood from the family members. Since then, the plateau has become taboo for it was believed that it was inhabited by evil spirits who had consumed those they had sent.

About Forbidden Snowboards:
Founders Patrick Kitto and Jeff Zamluk have been involved in the snowboarding scene for over 20 years. Patrick is the founder and owner of a high performance snowboard camp on Forbidden Plateau called Jump Camp which he started after being a sponsored rider for many years. Jeff has over 15 years of snowboard and board building experience, he has ridden in different conditions worldwide but still considers himself a Mount Washington local.

About Swell Source:
Swell Source, is a manufacturer and distributor of Zed Skimboards, Cascadia Board Co. And Forbidden Snowboards. Established in 2008 after ten years of working with and for a variety of brands, Swell Source offers a unique take on action sports manufacturing. They are most well known for fusing different board sport technologies to build highly technical product. Still Vancouver Island based, Swell Source works on projects around the world.

For more information, go to forbiddensnowboards.com or www.facebook.com/forbiddensnowboards

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Sept 2011

Hey! Winter's coming... so let's party! Saturday October 15 we're gonna rock the Avalanche! New shred vids, rockin' tunes, drink specials, prizes, the unveiling of Forbidden Snowboards and much more!! Get in early and secure a good spot. See ya there!

Doors at 9pm - $5 Cover - 19+

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June 2011

Another Beauty Season Down...

The JumpCamp 2011 season is wrapped up and it's gonna go down in the history books as one of the best ever! Forbidden Plateau had a whopping 700cm snow base and we rode more powder than hardpack during the camps. A huge thanks to all the coaches and sponsors; Never Summer, Flux, Dakine, Volcom, Onethirtythree, Spy, Valhalla, Zed, Celsius, Signal, Sandbox, Storm, Airhole, Thrifty Foods, Yummies & Gyros, Boardwalk, Rockstar, Anon, Red, EpicBoardSkins and Okej. You rule! It wouldn't happen without you so "muchas gracias". Go buy something from these guys because they support us. Stay the hell out of Sportmart and keep quality snowboard companies alive!

The cool thing about having your own private shred mountain is you can jump off whatever you want. Camper James is stoked!

Camper dudes chillin at the top!

Our favourite JumpCamper: The Stueyman busting out a noodlehang!

When you have this much snow you don't bother with the pillows, you just honk right over the top of them!
Coach Patrick Kitto photo by Steve Ellis

Coach Myles Delange wins Afterdark Invitational

Myles learned double corks on the Upper Boston jump on Forbidden then went and won $1000 at Wash's Afterdark contest. Winning comps on beat up boards, man the kid needs a sponsor! hahaha.

We built the "legendary" Upper Boston jump bigger than ever! Coach Myles Delange going into the second cork.

SBC Island Story Coming Soon...

In February we took photographer Mark Gribbon, writer Feet Banks and pro shreds Dan Stubbs, Joel Loverin, Trevan Salmon and Brittany Davis on a little tour of our favourite spots here on the Island for a SBC story. We got the best conditions during their trip so the story will be amazing. The last day we went to Mount Arrowsmith and choked on neck deep powder. It was too deep to shred so we just went nuts on the sleds. Keep an eye out for the article coming out soon.

The Upper Boston Jump; where dreams come true. Wait 'till you see the pics.

Go Canucks go! See you at the beach.

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Febuary 2011

Rad article about JumpCamp on Island Sports News. Thanks guys.

In Mountain Life Magazine Meanwhile, on Vancouver Island...

January 2011

Happy New Year to all you snow freaks out there!

Here at JumpCamp we have been really enjoying "the girl" (la nina); shredding, hiking, touring, sledding and making delicious snowcones with syrup.


As you probably know the Island has the most snow out of anywhere in the world right now. With anything fun it seems there are consequences. If you eat too many bags of chips you'll have a stomach ache. If you drink too much pop you'll rot your teeth. If you shred really deep powder you could cause an avalanche so keep an eye on each other this year and if you don't have any knowledge of the backcountry then get a course or stay at the resort!

SBC Women's Annual Island Story

Last year we showed some pro chica's around while they were here on the Island. Helen Schettini, Natasza Zurek, Robin Van Gyn, Meghan O'Brien along with photographer Brian Hockenstein adventured around the Island from Mt.Wash to Cain to Tofino and then back again. Check out the article in the SBC Women's Annual  (double cover) about how our buddy Camoman hooked them up at Cain and how much it rained while they were on the rock. Hahaha

      Double Cover SBC Women's Annual: Double you pleasure.

New Sponsor!

Check out our new JumpCamp skins from Epic Board Skins in Campbell River. You can get anything so of course I got my dog on my board and we made an extra special one of coach Brown. Thanks a lot Keith. I'm totally impressed with these babies! Go see Keith if you want your own custom graphics http://www.epicboardskins.com/

Sick daddy custom skins by Epic Board Skins.

Camps are approaching fast and Forbidden looks sick!
Get your registrations in to secure your spot.

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December 2010

Forbidden Shred Report on Transworld

November 2010

"Vancouver Island Video" by The People Crew

Check this sick vid with Shaun McKay, Curtis Ciszek and Eero Niemela by our hombres; the People Crew. It's from when they were out here last year cruising the Island with us. Go get the new issue of Transworld Snowboarding Dec 2010 for the whole Misty Mountain Hop story.

June 2010

New SkateCamp Dates: Jan 22, 23 & Feb 19, 20!

SkateCamp is back January 22, 23 and February 19, 20 at the Linc in Courtenay (the sickest indoor bowl and street course). With the Onethirtythree team coaching along with the JumpCamp crew, campers will be able to have fun and improve their skateboard skills in their own private park.

There is limited space available so register early.

Contact Cathy at the Linc (250) 334-8138 or Patrick at JumpCamp (250) 898-8891.

June 2010 - Skate Camp

   JumpCamp is expanding into the skateboard game with skills camps coming this summer. SkateCamp is going to be taking place July 29, 30 at the Linc in Courtenay. Skaters that have been to the Linc, or "Slash Factory" ( as it's fondly known by the locals ) know that it's the sickest indoor bowl and street course around. With the Onethirtythree team coaching along with the JumpCamp crew, campers will be able to have fun and improve their skateboard skills in their own private park.

Besides the skating, the Linc offers outdoor basketball courts, a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey tables, xbox, karaoke, a concession, a computer lab with internet, a big screen tv and nintendo wii. With all this at your fingertips it's safe to say SkateCamp is going to rock!

Date n' Time:   July 29-30 / 2010 10am - 4pm.

Location:   The Linc ( Slash Factory ) 300 Old Island Highway, Courtenay.

Ages:   10 and up.

What To Bring:   Skateboard, helmet, pads, skate shoes, water bottle and lunch.

Cost:   $150 ( including tax ) for 2 day camp.

Camp runs from 10am - 4pm and includes:

  • Professional instruction in our private park.
  • Product giveaways from our sponsors.
  • Skate maintenance and safety.
  • BBQ on both days.
  • Free use of demo equipment supplied by our sponsors.
  • Ratio of 1 coach to every 5 campers.

 There is limited space available so register early. For info and registration contact Kathy at the Linc (250) 334-8138 or Patrick at JumpCamp (250) 898-8891. Payments can be made by cash, certified cheque or money order. Please make certified cheques payable to "SkateCamp".

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June 2010 - Skim Session

Skimming into Summer at Witty’s Lagoon

  This Sunday June 13th the world’s top flatground skim boarders will be making their return to the Island Skim Session at Witty’s Lagoon in Victoria, BC hosted by Zed Skimboards.

  The Island Skim Session, now in its 6th year, will prove to be a showcase for the rapid evolution of the sport of skimboarding here and abroad.  Previously only held at Saratoga Beach outside of Campbell River, this year Whitty’s lagoon will be an additional stop. Zed Skimboards President and Event Coordinator Jeff Zamluk explains; “We’re based out of Victoria so it only makes sense to host an international skim event at an amazing local beach.” The tides on Sunday are set to be the lowest of the season making for ideal skimming conditions.

  The riders will be competing in a variety of different disciplines including riding rails, technical tricks and over all style.  There will be a cash prize purse being given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place riders in the open category along with swag from the sponsors, Cascadia Board Co., Sitka Surfboards, Switch Board Shop and JumpCamp. Entry is $15 for the categories of open pro, open women’s, male under 14 and males over 14. The registration starts at 11 and the skimming is from 12-2. Zed Skimboards will also be providing free demo boards with a deposit on site.

  Zed Skimboards INC was established on the shores of Saratoga Beach in 1998 and has since moved its operations to Victoria. They offer 12 models of high density laminate boards, the world’s only 5 axis skimboard, 5 models of foam Skimboards and a full skim specific accessory line.  Zed boards are available in Canada, USA, Chile, Australia and online. 

The Island Skim Session’s were created 6 years ago in a hope to provide a showcase for local and international talent and skimboarding in general for the media and the public. For more info contact Jeff at 1-250-830-3825 or jeff@zedskimboards.com

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April 2010 - Extra Camp Day

Extra Camp Date Added!!
With the crazy amount of snow still in the mountains we're adding another camp session on April 24, 25. Get your registrations in 'cause it's your last chance to get rad.

Camper reflection. All photos by Marlin Olynyk

The JumpCamp whip loaded to the max.

The hombres.

Camper enjoying the pole jam.

  Mmmmmmmm.... Hot dogs!

   "Giver dude!"

Registration can be done online at www.jumpcamp.com, at Onethirtythree board shop or call (250) 898-8891 anytime.
Stay cool.
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February 2010

People in the house!

The People Crew; masterminds behind the highly acclaimed shred dogger films "We’re People Too", "Down With People" and this year's "Nice Try" came out to the Island to film for their next movie. We got some killer conditions during the trip so look for that next year. Check out their blog for all the action while they were here on the rock.

The Islands Best Powder!

V Island

Call (250) 792-2896